Just a Minute, Please – Minute 18

Title: Who Is My Art For?

Recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sy62n7N0Fu_1T6ww2T5Necx5GI_8FKk-/view?usp=sharing

Today’s minute is personal. Real personal. So, I decided to post the written version. Maybe more people will read it.

The requests have begun. My Spanish-speaking friends want me to add Spanish subtitles to my recently made English language movie. It’s not the requests that trouble me. It’s the reason behind it. They say the film will see more views and likes. Likes. Is that why we create? To have likes on social media? I’m too old to see the fulfillment from that. I wonder what the artists 300 years ago would have thought of likes? What was the “like” of 1721?

I don’t write for likes. I write for me. I’ve told many people that if I were the only person to see my plays performed or my movies screened or stories read, I’d be content.

Of course, it’s nice if people compliment me on something I’ve created, but it’s totally unnecessary. After all, who is my art for, but for me?