My First Short Story: “Dreams”

I’ve been writing stage plays for about 30 years and screenplays for about three and recently decided I wanted to learn how to write short stories as a new challenge. I’m working my way through an online course that’s based in London. A couple of weeks ago I completed my first story, about 5 pages. I received feedback from the folks in London and this is what they wrote: A delightful story that really brought your characters to life. Brilliant work!
Brilliant? Where do I go from here? Maybe I should stop now. LOL
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The link:

“Sexual Relations” news!

“Sexual Relations” will be a trilogy. “Sexual Relations: The Complication” introduces a new character to form a possible love triangle. To be filmed in early October.

“Sexual Relations: The Confrontation” completes the trilogy, but maybe doesn’t bring the story to a close. 😉😊 Scheduled filming in December.