Penny’s Diner – Yuma, AZ

I’m not sure if this is a local chain (several stores in Yuma) or there are locations in other cities. Either way, Penny’s certainly looks like a diner outside and in.

One of the highlights was my witty, wisecracking waitress.

Another was an old-fashioned milk shake. I ordered chocolate with a little whipped cream.

You see the grilled cheese. Looks and tasted like a basic sandwich we’ve all eaten. Except I had to pay $8 for the privilege today.

My sandwich and shake, with tax and tip totalled $15! Outlandish prices. Ok, the shake brought back wonderful memories of years gone by, but they weren’t worth what I paid for them.

Seems like most places where I ate this week were quite expensive. I imagine the locals are used to the high prices and the snowbirds can afford them.