“TIC TAC TOE” – a short film

Tag line: A man returns to Oaxaca to die; a child’s game gives him a reason to live.

We finished filming on 13 October. The movie should be ready to watch by mid- to late-November.

I’ll publish the link when it is.

In the meantime, here’s the link to my YouTube channel where you can find my previous short films: https://youtube.com/channel/UC_uOCYB1JQEcxyaxZ3wLiqw

New short film: Sexual Relations: The Complication

This is the follow up to the romantic comedy “Sexual Relations.” It starts one year later. You’ll appreciate this film best if you have watched “SR.”

Although I still used native Spanish speaking actors we filmed in English. I have no doubt that this will upset some people. I knew that ahead of time. I don’t regret my decision. Taking chances is what art should be about.

I’m proud of everyone who was involved in the production of the film and look forward to making part three of the trilogy in a couple of months.

Link for “Sexual Relations: The Complication” – https://youtu.be/upKxCy7YKxU

Link for “Sexual Relations” – https://youtu.be/IvAVUVxoog8

My First Short Film

I decided I wanted to film my short plays (about 12 in all) and I chose ┬┐Importa? (Does It Matter?) as the first. It was selected to be part of the Awake! Theater’s Prizm Festival in Manhattan in June 2017, and was also one of the eight plays we produced in Oaxaca in June 2018 (translated into Spanish).

I also chose this play because I knew it would fit well with being filmed on the Andador Turistico, the pedestrian street in El Centro de Oaxaca.

In the two weeks since its premiere (Nov 5, 2019) it’s had almost 200 views. The movie is 12.5 minutes long and was shot in a single-take style. Enjoy!

The next film is scheduled for production in July 2020.