Afternoon Delight – a poem

“Afternoon Delight”
A 70s song about sex
An underappreciated
Afternoon delight?
Cocktails while the sun shines

Not at a sporting event
Or at the beach
But in a tavern
With a cute bartender
(Quite often, actually)

The intent is not
To get laid
(Although it happens)
But to be free
Of the drudgery
Of the job

The delight diminishes
If you’re still glued
To your stool
After the sun has set

You’ll realize that

“Knowing Someone” – a poem

Who “really” knows another?

Almost no one.

They may think so.

They might know them

More than most.

But, “really” know?

I once gave a homeless person

A sandwich, a blanket and

A hundred dollars

On a cold winter’s night.

I once gave a friend

Five hundered dollars

So she wouldn’t go to jail.

Just one condition.

Fuck me.

She still has no rap sheet.

You think you know me?

Which did I do?

Maybe both?

How about neither?

People who say

“I know you so well”

Are full of shit.

People who say

“You know me so well”

Are also full of it.

“I know you better

Than you know yourself.”

How the fuck

Is that even possible?

I don’t know anybody

“Really well.”

I don’t want to know

Anybody that much.

It’d be a colossal

Waste of time.

I do know this

(confidently certain).

Nobody knows anybody

As well as they think.

Lying, a poem

I lie.
A lot.

Some days
I’m a millionaire.
Some days
A struggling artist.

I’ve visited
A hundred countries
Or only three.

Oh, the lies
I’ve told…
About the things
I’ve done
(on every continent)
The gorgeous women
I’ve had.
(can’t count them all)

Lying is exciting.
And harmless
(in my case).

Why lie?
The truth is
In the middle.
And the middle
Is boring.

Except for
An eclair.

A birthday note to me (English & Spanish)

On the eve of my birthday, I thought it would be a good time to post something like this. And I will do it annually.

This is a short note about the happiest and saddest event of my life this past year.


Michael, you learned so much in the past year thanks to the 110 students from more than 25 countries that you had the pleasure and honor of meeting through online teaching. Three have been with you since February 2020, a couple of others almost as long. You joke that they are the real teachers, but in fact, they are. They are closer than friends; they are your virtual family. I believe you’d be lost without them.

But, you know that life is not without its disappointments. And one of the saddest includes friends. You’ve lived in 5 countries and 14 cities. You’re not accustomed to long-standing friendships. Still, whether established or promising, when one takes a negative turn, you’ve learned to accept the loss as part of life and move on; to seek new and mutually beneficial alliances and friendships that allow you to continue living a fulfilling life.

Finally, the universe has blessed you with a life exponentially more amazing than you could have ever imagined. Continue to be humbled and thankful on a daily basis.

La víspera de mi cumpleaños, pensé que sería un buen momento para publicar algo como esto. Y lo haré anualmente.

Esta es una breve nota sobre el evento más feliz y triste de mi vida el año pasado.


Michael, aprendiste mucho el año pasado gracias a los 110 estudiantes de más de 25 países que tuviste el placer y el honor de conocer a través de la enseñanza en línea. Tres han estado contigo desde febrero de 2020, un par de otros casi tanto tiempo. Bromeas diciendo que son los verdaderos maestros, pero de hecho lo son. Son más cercanos que amigos; son tu familia virtual. Creo que estarías perdido sin ellos.

Pero sabes que la vida no está exenta de decepciones. Y uno de los más tristes incluye amigos. Has vivido en 5 países y 14 ciudades. No estás acostumbrado a amistades duraderas. Aún así, ya sea establecido o prometedor, cuando uno toma un giro negativo, ha aprendido a aceptar la pérdida como parte de la vida y seguir adelante; buscar nuevas alianzas y amistades mutuamente beneficiosas que le permitan seguir viviendo una vida plena.

Finalmente, el universo te ha bendecido con una vida exponencialmente más asombrosa de lo que podrías haber imaginado. Continúe siendo humilde y agradecido a diario.