I’m a playwright, director and sometimes actor in the cases where I’ve written a character that I fall in live with.  I’ve taught English (TEFL) in Kyrgyzstan, China and Mexico, where I currently reside. Since I’m semi-retired I travel as much as I can and blog about where I go.

My blogging life began in 2008 when I joined the Peace Corps (Kyrgyzstan) and continued during my five years teaching at a couple of Chinese universities. That resulted in two books, available on Amazon and only 99 cents each for the digital version.

Mail from Kyrgyzstan: My Life as an Over-50 Peace Corps Volunteer

Mail from China: Teaching, Traveling and Learning: My Life After the Peace Corps

I have two travel blogs through WordPress:

https://exploringportugal288523972.wordpress.com/ (Inactive, but interesting)


At the moment I’m only posting plays to this site, but hope to start writing short stories soon.

If anybody reading this is a theater artist or has connections in the theater world and feels (like I do) that these plays need to hit a wider audience, please contact me. They are royalty free! I only want photos from the production. 🙂

As you’ll see from the blog posts, since they have been successfully produced in Spanish, they can likely find the same results in any language. Thanks.