“If Given the Chance” – a poem

“To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe.”

Others’ attitudes and perceptions.

I fight, will continue to fight,
To prove to those that
Dismiss me, never pausing to consider me,
Believing I have nothing left to offer,
How ridiculously wrong they are.

I possess and will continue to possess
Worth, wisdom, life and love
To be shared.

Though my gait is not so       fast,
My body not so robust,
My collective years of living
Make me invaluable,
Even vital to another.

If given the chance.

Rewiring, a poem

Life presents me
With enticements,
Playing with my heart.

The universe constantly connects me
to human outlets with only  ephemeral current.


Currents with staying power
That lack the amperage Necessary to sustain
An electrified coupling.

Maybe an introspective
Rewiring is called for;
One more energy efficient
One without high voltage