“An Every Day Friend” – a poem

The conversations

So free and easy

Time isn’t considered

They are open-ended

I’m a loner

So after the visit

I notice an emptiness

Wanting to reconnect


Tomorrow at the latest

Separated by 

Time zones



Conversing on 

A park bench

Only an image 

In my mind

Kept apart 

By covid 

Until then

We connect 

By Skype

Calls and messages 

What separates us

Brings us together 

We’ll meet one day

Oh, the joy it will bring 

She plays a vital role 

My every day friend

“Fatal Flaw” – a poem

My fatal flaw
Ain’t against the law,
Even though people

Quick and clean
A well-oiled machine
It leaves no
Trace of blood.

I stop communicating
There’s no hesitating
Another friendship has ended.

The reason’s always the same
The friend is never to blame.
I simply lose interest.

I need
To be challenged
Common interests
A bonding experience

And sometimes
Even those aren’t enough.
It’s tough
To change one’s nature.

In the end
Will I have a friend?
Perhaps I won’t
And I doubt it will matter.

When I need
Someone the most
I’ll likely find only ghosts.

Whatever my fate
I can’t overstate:
My nature prevailed.

Dying alone
No one to phone.
Thanks to
My fatal flaw.