A Poem – “Writing Poems”

For several years I wrote only plays. Then I dabbled in screenplays. Two mini-memoirs have been completed. Then I started looking for a new area to explore. And I found it. I’m thoroughly enjoying my online short story writing course. It’s been a challenge; one that I enjoy to no end.

But, towards the end of the course the school snuck in a module about poetry. I didn’t sign up for that. I have no talent for writing it. I don’t even like to read it unless it rhymes.

Still, I wanted to try my hand at writing one poem and that’ll be the end. I can say I’ve done it. So, here it is.

“Writing Poems”

Take your time

Don’t force a rhyme.

Just write your poem

Then, then, uh, then, um

Writing poems could be

Called a curse.

Writing poems

Is the worse.

Oh my shit

I forced a rhyme.

Kiss my ass

It ain’t a crime.

I shoulda used worst

But then I needed cursed

Kiss my ass

This poem’s my first.

Now my scheme’s a mess

And I must confess

I hate writing poems

Cuz, cuz, uh, cuz, um

Too much time I’ve spent

This is the ent.