Just a Minute, Please – Notification

Only five more episodes of Just a Minute, Please. Well, only five more that I will record and post here. The reason? Nobody listens to them. I’ve recorded 95 episodes and have less than 600 listens on Castbox. That’s less than six per episode. Many have zero listens.

My two most popular episodes were the ones where I said I was thinking about having a dog and then when I decided not to do so. Since, I have no episodes planned about pets, my listenership will stay close to nothing.

I’m not complaining, because as I mentioned in episode 1, I create for me. I began recording the episodes at the request of a student. I haven’t run out of ideas, just out a desire to share when (essentially) nobody cares.

I’ll continue to post short stories as I write them, short films as I make them and plays as I produce them. This means that posting going forward will happen infrequently.

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