A Fascinating Student!

It’s rare for me to have a student so enthusiastic about learning English. Sara is Chinese and a lawyer who has lived in the United States for 18 months. In that short period of time she has learned English to the point of being accepted to an LLM program at a university in Los Angeles. (She lived in Manhattan for a year before moving there.) That’s quite an accomplishment. I believe her reading skills are what got her accepted as they would have to be fairly advanced to understand all the legal jargon.

Sara’s fascinating aspect is her unbridled enthusiasm for President Trump. She sang his praises for 20 minutes without interruption. In her eyes he’s brave (the limo ride at Walter Reed), courageous (speaks his mind) and adamantly believes most of what is said about him isn’t true. To be honest, at the end of her testimonial I was mentally exhausted, not only from trying to act interested in what she was saying (LOL), but also correcting her grammar errors while doing so. Seriously though, it was exciting to listen to even though I disagreed with 99% of what she said.

Freedom of speech and the press is still new to Sara and her enthusiasm and appreciation for them remains at a high level. Several times she said how wonderful it was to be able to read and watch opinions that the government would oppose. Having lived in China for five years I knew exactly what she meant. I look forward to more classes with this fascinating lady.