Artemisa Bistro – Mexico City

This morning I enjoyed a breakfast experience I can’t remember having before. The warm sun in a cloudless sky made sitting outside comfortable, which is not always the case here.

It included adequate sized sides of yogurt, honey and granola. And the presentation looked like a work of art.

I finished my meal with a fresh raisin roll and coffee americano.

An attentive server and the guitar player were the finishing touches on my amazing experience.

Matías Romero 99, Col del Valle Centro, Benito Juárez, 03100 Ciudad de México, CDMX

The Best Burger Mx – Mexico City

The name of the restaurant dares you to eat one of their burgers, making you wonder just how good they are. Good marketing and it drew me in.

Even if this burger tasted better than any burger I’ve eaten, it still couldn’t qualify for “best burger.”

The bun lacks the necessary texture and taste. The bun often makes the burger.

200g of meat (cooked to medium which is excellent) and good quality fries for 110 pesos ($5.50) means you’ll receive a good burger there. Just not the best.

La Balance Valle – Mexico City

La Balance Valle is a bakery where you can find pastries and cakes. Everything looks delicious but I have bought the same item on each of my three visits. I suppose a professional food reviewer would try an assortment.

The bakery is located in Colonia del Valle, one of my favorite areas in Mexico City.

La Balance Valle
55 5559 6781

Penny’s Diner – Yuma, AZ

I’m not sure if this is a local chain (several stores in Yuma) or there are locations in other cities. Either way, Penny’s certainly looks like a diner outside and in.

One of the highlights was my witty, wisecracking waitress.

Another was an old-fashioned milk shake. I ordered chocolate with a little whipped cream.

You see the grilled cheese. Looks and tasted like a basic sandwich we’ve all eaten. Except I had to pay $8 for the privilege today.

My sandwich and shake, with tax and tip totalled $15! Outlandish prices. Ok, the shake brought back wonderful memories of years gone by, but they weren’t worth what I paid for them.

Seems like most places where I ate this week were quite expensive. I imagine the locals are used to the high prices and the snowbirds can afford them.

Olive Garden – Yuma, AZ

Foodwise, a review of one Olive Garden is a review of all. The menu here is generally identical at all locations as most chain restaurants are.

Bread sticks

Are these the main reason 90% of people eat at Olive Garden? Although it had been seven years since my last visit, bread sticks are still the magnet that pulls in the customers.

Garden salad

Good. Not great. Seemed like a lot more croutons than before and not enough black olives, but that’s just my preference.

Zuppa Toscana

The soups tasted better than I remembered, especially the Toscana. It possessed a spiciness that made my mouth tingle.

Pasta e fajioli

Another strong, pleasingly flavorful soup.

I believe the endless soup, salad and bread is the best value ($9.99) on a totally overpriced menu. Absolutely average pasta dishes for $14-18 is ridiculous. Come for the soup and salad or find a locally owned place for pasta.

Prison Hill Brewing Company – Yuma, AZ

I had lunch here because I liked the name of the restaurant.

Fish & chips
Raspberry Berliner Weisse

They use tilapia. I’ve always thought the best fish for F&C was cod. And what’s fish and chips without vinegar? So, no cod and no vinegar = a so-so plate.

The beer disappointed me, too. Probably because it tasted too fruity, had only 3.8% ABV and the snifter. This is beer, not brandy.

$25 for a 3-star meal. Ouch!

The highlight of the meal? The server. She excelled.

Taqueria Los Paisas

This restaurant is located across the street from the Airbnb of my previous post. It’s open late and probably the most popular restaurant in the area.

Colones 139, Peñón de los Baños, Venustiano Carranza, 15520 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Tacos and licuado de fresas (strawberries)

Their tacos de pechuga (chicken breast) are light on the meat. Perhaps because it’s the most expensive part of the chicken. I think their taco de bistec is the best one they offer. There are 6 or 7 choices.

My New Video Project

This week I deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts and decided to start making short videos about “anything.”

Topics could include travel, local Oaxaca sites, interviews, etc.

Please be patient with me. I know my videos don’t look professional and I sometimes forget to say things that belong in the video. I’m confident the overall quality will improve with time.

Then again, I’m not a professional vlogger; having fun is what it’s all about for me. 😁

Garnachas – Mexican food

Garnachas look like little memelas. These are made with queso, pollo y cebollas (Oaxaca cheese, chicken and onions). The tortilla is thicker than those used for tacos and memelas.

This is my first attempt at recording videos and posting them to YouTube. They will cover various topics, travel locations, maybe some interviews; anything I find worthy of posting. More to come soon.

By the way, the garnachas were delicious!

“TIC TAC TOE” – a short film

Tag line: A man returns to Oaxaca to die; a child’s game gives him a reason to live.

We finished filming on 13 October. The movie should be ready to watch by mid- to late-November.

I’ll publish the link when it is.

In the meantime, here’s the link to my YouTube channel where you can find my previous short films:

“If Given the Chance” – a poem

“To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe.”

Others’ attitudes and perceptions.

I fight, will continue to fight,
To prove to those that
Dismiss me, never pausing to consider me,
Believing I have nothing left to offer,
How ridiculously wrong they are.

I possess and will continue to possess
Worth, wisdom, life and love
To be shared.

Though my gait is not so       fast,
My body not so robust,
My collective years of living
Make me invaluable,
Even vital to another.

If given the chance.

Rewiring, a poem

Life presents me
With enticements,
Playing with my heart.

The universe constantly connects me
to human outlets with only  ephemeral current.


Currents with staying power
That lack the amperage Necessary to sustain
An electrified coupling.

Maybe an introspective
Rewiring is called for;
One more energy efficient
One without high voltage

“An Every Day Friend” – a poem

The conversations

So free and easy

Time isn’t considered

They are open-ended

I’m a loner

So after the visit

I notice an emptiness

Wanting to reconnect


Tomorrow at the latest

Separated by 

Time zones



Conversing on 

A park bench

Only an image 

In my mind

Kept apart 

By covid 

Until then

We connect 

By Skype

Calls and messages 

What separates us

Brings us together 

We’ll meet one day

Oh, the joy it will bring 

She plays a vital role 

My every day friend

“Fatal Flaw” – a poem

My fatal flaw
Ain’t against the law,
Even though people

Quick and clean
A well-oiled machine
It leaves no
Trace of blood.

I stop communicating
There’s no hesitating
Another friendship has ended.

The reason’s always the same
The friend is never to blame.
I simply lose interest.

I need
To be challenged
Common interests
A bonding experience

And sometimes
Even those aren’t enough.
It’s tough
To change one’s nature.

In the end
Will I have a friend?
Perhaps I won’t
And I doubt it will matter.

When I need
Someone the most
I’ll likely find only ghosts.

Whatever my fate
I can’t overstate:
My nature prevailed.

Dying alone
No one to phone.
Thanks to
My fatal flaw.

“The Voice” – a poem

The voice

Gave his opinion

Never shyly.


For decades

Every three years

(or so it seemed)

He’d wake up.

I heard him,

Heeded his advice.

Move. Quit your job.

Try this. Fulfill that dream.

Five countries, fourteen cities

Countless companies

Improve comedy, grad school

Be a writer; see the world.

Recently, a change.

Opinions are still given.

Not screamed.


The voice is tired?


Maybe it’s time

We both stop.


Hell no!!!

Afternoon Delight – a poem

“Afternoon Delight”
A 70s song about sex
An underappreciated
Afternoon delight?
Cocktails while the sun shines

Not at a sporting event
Or at the beach
But in a tavern
With a cute bartender
(Quite often, actually)

The intent is not
To get laid
(Although it happens)
But to be free
Of the drudgery
Of the job

The delight diminishes
If you’re still glued
To your stool
After the sun has set

You’ll realize that

“Knowing Someone” – a poem

Who “really” knows another?

Almost no one.

They may think so.

They might know them

More than most.

But, “really” know?

I once gave a homeless person

A sandwich, a blanket and

A hundred dollars

On a cold winter’s night.

I once gave a friend

Five hundered dollars

So she wouldn’t go to jail.

Just one condition.

Fuck me.

She still has no rap sheet.

You think you know me?

Which did I do?

Maybe both?

How about neither?

People who say

“I know you so well”

Are full of shit.

People who say

“You know me so well”

Are also full of it.

“I know you better

Than you know yourself.”

How the fuck

Is that even possible?

I don’t know anybody

“Really well.”

I don’t want to know

Anybody that much.

It’d be a colossal

Waste of time.

I do know this

(confidently certain).

Nobody knows anybody

As well as they think.

Lying, a poem

I lie.
A lot.

Some days
I’m a millionaire.
Some days
A struggling artist.

I’ve visited
A hundred countries
Or only three.

Oh, the lies
I’ve told…
About the things
I’ve done
(on every continent)
The gorgeous women
I’ve had.
(can’t count them all)

Lying is exciting.
And harmless
(in my case).

Why lie?
The truth is
In the middle.
And the middle
Is boring.

Except for
An eclair.